My touch typing journey from 0 to 50+ WPM

My name is Afroz Quraishi. I’m a pre-final year student in the department of Information Technology @IIIT Gwalior. In this blog I am sharing my experience with touch typing skills yeah it is a skill.

Touch Typing practice is my meditation

I didn’t know about touch typing and its benefits till 07 Dec 2020.
I started my journey from typing master software on 07 Dec 2020 and continuously practiced on online touch typing websites like
10fastfingers, typeracer, etc.

Below are listed some strategies which help me during my touch typing journey.

Photo by goldtouch

2. Be patient your typing speed will increase gradually

3. Focus on accuracy not typing speed

4. Pick any source and complete it honestly

My suggestion: Download Typing Master software and use its 7days free trial. Download the software and make a goal to complete all the lessons within 7days. Honestly, I learned touch from this software only.

After that jump on the online touch typing platform and Improve your typing speed with accuracy.

Don’t focus only on improving your touch typing speed only you can do your general work like coding, WhatsApp chatting, blogging, etc.

Initially, it will be a little bit difficult but as you practice as you enjoy your typing speed and the sound of the keyboard.

5. Last but not least Practice Practice Practice because Practice makes a man perfect.

Touch Typing Benefits

  1. Don’t need to bend your neck, again and again, to press a key from the keyboard.
  2. Save a lot of time and use it on Netflix haha joking.
  3. Impress the people surrounding you and force them to do so.

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Thanks for reading!
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