My Experience of Getting My first Paid Internship as Frontend Developer, React.Js

Afroz Quraishi
3 min readFeb 17, 2022


In this blog, I am sharing my experience that how I got my first paid Internship and its procedure.

My name is Afroz Quraishi. I’m a pre-final year student in the department of Information Technology @IIIT Gwalior. Currently, I am working in a startup as a Frontend Developer.

The first salary and Internship/job are very important in each and everyone’s life so that’s why I am very excited to tell you the story of getting my first paid Internship in Reactjs.

Initially, I have a decent knowledge of Reactjs and I applied for a lot of Reactjs Developer positions some applications are rejected and some are selected and sometimes I got the opportunity to interview myself and got rejected in the Interview process because of my decent knowledge in Reactjs so I observe in those interviews that I should learn all the basics concept first then move to the interview process. So then I decided to first learn all the concepts and build some projects in Reactjs then move to the Interview process. I asked my friend Mallikarjun to tell me where I should learn all the basics of Reactjs. Then he suggested following ben awad practical Reactjs playlist so I watched all the videos multiple times and read the Reactjs documentation and build some projects and added them into my resume with the project link and live link. After that, I start applying again from LinkedIn some rejected the resume some are called for an Interview In In each interview, In the end, I asked a question to the interviewer what are my weakness that you have seen in the whole interview process I wrote them and try to do not repeat it in the next Interview.
for example : An interviewer told me that listen to questions properly and after that try to answer. I remember this mistake and will not be repeated it in any other interview so far.
My suggestion: In the end always ask the interviewer about your weaknesses and try to do not to repeat them in your next Interview.

In every rejection, I learned something new and I am more excited to give a lot of Interviews. For that, My friend Amit kumar suggest me before sleep send your resume to at least Ten Companies (really I followed his suggestion haha).

Finally, the wait is over and in a startup company’s I got the opportunity for a technical interview I used my 10+ Interview experience in that technical interview and I qualified that round they asked basic and medium level questions on Javascript and Reactjs like key, hooks, props, the difference between function and class component, async-await, promises, and after that they given a task which needs to implement it in Reactjs that’s it after that I got a call for HR round in that round they ask some general question about salary time, management and I already prepared all those answers from my previous rejected interview’s and after HR round they send me an offer letter boom.

One month is over while working in it and I found some benefits by joining these startup those are listed below.

Benefits of this Internship

  1. Improved my Reactjs skill.
  2. Daily minimum 30minute work and team/product discussions so they are helping me to improve my communication skill.
  3. Learned new technology like Nextjs, chart.js.
  4. Because of this is a startup company so they take care of me in working time (haha really they focus on me what I am actually doing in each moment of working time).
  5. Got festival gifts too.
  6. Last but not least build a good relationship with the employes.

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