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Afroz Quraishi
2 min readFeb 18, 2022

Nextjs is a Reactjs framework It allows a lot of amazing features i.e. Fast rendering, Search Engine Optimization, server-side rendering, Routing, full-stack code, better styling, and many more features are there. If you are a beginner in Nextjs and wanted to convert your Reactjs code into Nextjs So this blog will definitely help you.

My name is Afroz Quraishi. I’m a pre-final year student in the department of Information Technology @IIIT Gwalior. Currently, I am working in a startup as a Frontend Developer, Next.js and I have been working with Reactjs and related libraries/frameworks since 2020.

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1. CSS

Reactjs: Create a CSS file using any name like style.css, about-style.css, etc. To avoid importing everywhere import its _app.jsfile only. It will apply automatically in each file.
Nextjs: There are two types.
styles.css: Can be applied in all the files (pages and any Components) global in Nature.
styles.module.css: Create an automatic unique className so that you can use it via import in any component with the same className. Local in Nature.

2. className

A. Single className
React: className=”about-container”
Next: className={styles.about_container}

B. Multiple className
Reactjs: className=”about-container parent”
Nextjs: className={`${styles.about_container} ${styles.parent`}

3. Image

Reactjs: <img src={file directory name}/>
Nextjs: Nextjs has a inbuild Image tag it automatic reduce image file size so that website will take lesser time on loading.

import Image from “next/image”;

4. Routing

Reactjs: We need to install an external npm package like react-router-dom in order for to router to route one page to another page dynamic routing is a little bit difficult in that case.
Nextjs: Nextjs provides a powerful routing system In each file in the pages section behaves like a router. It has 404.js file for the undefined router. index.js for home page if it is in page directory or if index.js is defined in a folder then whatever the folder name is will behave like that endpoint and [id].js the file will help in dynamic routing.

My suggestion: Learn Nextjs It has a lot of features. Once you learn you never come back to the Reactjs.

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